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A Jason Mraz Graphics Community

JASON MRAZ GRAPHICS [icons, wallpapers, blends]
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Jason Mraz only. This is a Jason Mraz community. That means, post Jason Mraz graphics only.

LJ-cut. Use LJ-cut for big graphics and wallpapers. A small preview of a wallpaper above the cut is allowed. For icons, use a cut if you have more than 3 icons to post. The code for LJ-cut is: <lj-cut text="blahblah"> It's as simple as that. Use it. If you don't, it slows down some computers, stretches out the page, and messes up people's friends page.

Include a graphic with every post. Exception: You may post a request for a certain Jason Mraz graphic. But no introductions or just talking about his music, there are other communties for that.

No direct linking. Don't direct link pictures from other sites, upload them to your own server. It drains bandwidth. If I see this I'll delete the entry. If you need me to upload your picture for you, email it to me with "Jason Mraz Graphics" as the subject.

Drawings are definatly acceptable to post.

Have fun, enjoy the art, and no dissing/bashing others work!